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About Ethiopia Tourism

Our website contains comprehensive information about Ethiopia’s tourism, which helps business and recreation travelers to Ethiopia. In addition, the website of Ethiopia’s Tourism raises topics related to tourism in Africa and the world. So, our website travel and tourism blog for Ethiopian travelers.

Why do people travel to Ethiopia?

  • Firstly, Addis Ababa is the capital of Ethiopia. Hence, it is the city for African Union headquarters, UN mission to Africa, all Embassies, and International NGOs. So, the staffs of these institutions, Government Officials, and other people come to Addis Ababa for business conferences, jobs, and organizational businesses.
  • Secondly, Ethiopian Airlines is the only leading airline in Africa and accessible in all countries of the World. So many people prefer Ethiopian Airlines for transportation and want to transit via Ethiopia.
  • Thirdly, People come to Ethiopia because of investment interest and trade shows and deals.
  • Lastly, People also come to Ethiopia because of tourism.

We encourage you to visit our blog posts from our website. If you want our help, please contact us.

Why Ethiopia Tourism website?

Though Ethiopia has enough tour and travel agencies in the tourism service sector, still the country has low numbers of online tourism information websites that can provide relevant and essential information about tourism. Peoples who travel to Ethiopia for either business or tourism purposes want prior tourism information.

What is included in the Blog site?

We also included study travel, jobs travel, business travel, and  medical travel. 

Tourism Travel

The category of tourism travel emphasizes the passport services, travel documents, travel rules and regulations, tourism destinations, and other world tourism updates. 

Study Travel

People also travel to different parts of the world for the purpose of looking for better education opportunities and scholarships. Thus, important points regarding studies abroad and scholarship opportunities. 

Business Travel

Nowadays, many investors of the world, especially Asian investors and the Ethiopian Diaspora are showing high desire to invest in Ethiopia. So, our blog site is one of the best information sites to give detail about the business of Ethiopia. 

Jobs Travel

Many professionals and skilled workers want to travel around the world to work with international communities.  So, you will learn about applying and searching for international jobs.

about Ethiopia's tourism

Who am I?

My name is Dilamo Heboto. I graduated with BA Degree in Economics and an MA in Leadership. I had over eight years of working experience in an international NGO. When I was an employee of an NGO in Ethiopia, I visited many parts of Ethiopia.

My travel to many parts of Ethiopia motivated me to begin a travel and tourism blog on my personal website. In my view, writing about the country is the way of thinking to nation and next generation. So, I am writing about some part of Ethiopia, that is Ethiopia Tourism.

On the other hand, Ethiopia has a limited numbers of travel and tourism bloggers to provide further information on tourism although it has many travel agencies that run private businesses. Hence, the blog posts of my website contributes own part in Ethiopia tourism sector by providing further detail information and answering frequently asked questions about Ethiopia Tourism.

My website is neither a business agency nor a government institution. This website is a personal blog website about Ethiopia Tourism.
Regrading my blog posts and need of personal help, please contact me.

Moreover, I encourage my audience to take some time to read about Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Terms of Conditions.