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How to apply online for an urgent Ethiopian Passport?

Ethiopian Immigration Nationality and Vital Events Agency began online service recently. So that many Ethiopians are new to how to access and use the online services of immigration. Many Ethiopians want to apply online for a new Ethiopian passport and an urgent Ethiopian Passport. Sometimes, Citizens of Ethiopia also visit the immigration website to renew old Ethiopian passports or replace pages that run out of passports. All these services are easily available on the Immigration office’s official website. Therefore, Ethiopians can apply for these services to accompany the requirements. We are here to give you some important information about applying online for an urgent Ethiopian Passport. Learn more about how to apply for renew Ethiopian passport and a new Ethiopian Passport, you will visit other blog posts below.

urgent Ethiopian Passport

Why Urgent Ethiopian Passport?

Many people want to apply online for an urgent Ethiopian passport when they want a passport for a purpose of travel to a medical, business, and study. In all situations, I recommend having a passport in a normal situation. However, if you are in an urgent situation requiring a passport, you have room to apply online for urgent passport service. Before applying for an urgent passport in Ethiopia, it is necessary to fulfill all the requirements. What are these requirements to apply for an urgent Ethiopian passport?

Requirements for Urgent Ethiopian Passport

If you miss a requirement document or information, the process of application may delay longer or reject by the Immigration office. So, when you apply online, it is so essential to prepare all required documents and fill out an online form properly.

a) Evidence for Your Reason

The first requirement to apply for an urgent passport of Ethiopia is the reason with evidence. Why do you want an urgent passport? Do you have evidence for your urgent reason? The evidence of your reason must be a legal and original document. For instance, people want urgent passports for scholarships, medical travel, business travel, and compassion travel. If you have such a season, what should be your evidence?

Organization support letter (authorized)–for those who want urgent passport for your reason like scholarship, business, etc.

Invitation Letter–for compassion travel, business travel, DV, etc.

Medical Referral or Hospital Referral Letter to abroad medication helps as evidence for medical travel. If you cannot provide evidence of your reason, you cannot apply for an urgent passport. However, if you have evidence for your reason, you can proceed with the next requirements.

b) Required Documents

Second requirement: scan all the documents you are going to upload to the application system. What are these documents required for the application process? The required documents for the application process are valid Kebede ID and authorized Birth Certificate and then scan all these documents.

When scanning the document, you must follow the requirements: All images should be less than 1MB in JPEG, JPG, PNG, and PDF format. Scan and upload clear and colored supporting documents in A4 size. Remember that you must bring the original documents you uploaded online.

c) Schedule an appointment

When you apply for the first time, fill out an online application from the Consular website and will receive a confirmation email or SMS for your schedule. Don’t forget to print out the appointment page when you complete the application process. Moreover, the application process is the same as new applicants for a passport. So, follow all the required steps of the form. Learn how to fill an online application form to apply for a new Ethiopian passport. However, before you start an online application, please contact the Consular Office to authorization of your evidence and get an appointment date.

d) Payment of Service Fee

The amount of service fee differs from other types of payments. So, check below the payment rate of an urgent passport application process. Click Here. The payment method is through banks using the payment code generated after the application form is submitted. So, you can pay with the branches of CBE, or CBE Birr, or CBE Mobile methods.

The applicant must pay the expected amount within 48 hours. Otherwise, the application will expire. When you make a payment, you will receive an SMS or email confirmation within 2 hours of making the payment. If you do not get any confirmation message, please contact the Consular Office using their email address: or call on the free line of 8133. Sometimes, applicants make payment by direct deposit or transfer service fees into the account. Such kind of payment system is not acceptable. So, pay attention to pay through the payment order code like EP12590794102719 and the exact amount.

e) Track the Status of Passport

Applicants can check the status of the passport online using the application and confirmation numbers. Normally, the process of an urgent Ethiopian passport takes about two weeks and sometimes more, but the applicants can convince the Consular officer about the reason.

If you have any lesson you learn, please share it here in the comment section with others. Still, if you need further information to learn, please visit other blog posts.

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