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The Vital Events Registration in Ethiopia (IVEA Ethiopia)

Birth, Marriage and Death Registration in Ethiopia

Vital Event Registration is the registration system for services such as birth, death, marriage, divorce, and post-registration. Ethiopian Vital Event Registration office gives the birth, marriage, and death certificate to all Ethiopians. Birth, marriage, and death certificates are essential for an Ethiopian passport. So, learn about the deadlines for the vital events registration in Ethiopia. It divides the registration time of the Vital event into three periods. 

deadlines for the vital events registration
  1. the regular registration time of the event, 
  2. the delayed registration time of the event, and 
  3. the expired registration time of the Vital event
Regular Registration Period for Vital Events

The first and most important part of the event registration system is the regular registration period. According to Ethiopian Vital Event Registration Laws and Guidelines, the standard registration period means the reporting period of marriage, divorce, and death within one month of the events. Someone who knows the event must register these events within 30 days. However, the standard registration period of the birth extended up to 90 days.

Delayed Registration Time of the Vital Events

The second Vital Event Registration period is a delayed event registration period. It must be documented with convincing reasons for not registering. If the registration of a vital event did not take place within the standard time, it must register the event within one year of the grace period. Otherwise, the agency registers the event with convincing reasons for not registering.

Expired Registration Time of the Vital Event

The third important event registration period is the registration of a past event. Events one year after the events occur at the vital Event Registration Offices will fall within this registration period.

In a Vital event registration system, the event information has an expert use during the initial registration period. For instance, event information of the first enrollment period uses as a basis for social, economic, political, and administrative service planning. Though delayed events’ registration is important for statistical data, its benefits are not as significant as those recorded during regular registration. However, the evidence presented in the event of a registration of a significant event past the deadline is less valid than the evidence or certificates issued before and after the significant event. Therefore, the deadlines of the vital events registration are important for Ethiopian and country planning.

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