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10 Wonderful adventure at Entoto Natural Park

Overview of the Entoto Natural Park of Addis Ababa

Entoto natural park of Addis Ababa

Historically, Entoto Mountain was a palace and the royal court to Emperor Menelik in the 1800s. The mountain serves as the “lung of Addis Ababa” because the dense forest regulates the climate condition of the city. Later, the Ethiopian Prime Minister started Entoto Natural park of Addis Ababa as a tourist attraction .

The park is a unique natural sight in a mountain area for relaxation and pleasure. It is at the north edge of Addis Ababa at an altitude of 2600m to 3200 meters. Now, the Park is fully delivering services with many indoor and outdoor adventure and recreational activities. In other words, visitors of the park can get services from the best service providers. Moreover, the recreational adventure and tourist attraction sights also open for visitors. In addition, the park is suitable for families or group visitors to cook by themselves and stay at a tented camp. Likewise, Entoto Park has a standard Amphitheatre and playing ground.

Food and Accommodation Services

The most known service providers are available in Entoto park. So visitors can get food and accommodation services at the same price as branches in Addis Ababa. Likewise, visitors can use as much as they want. But Entoto natural park has no entrance fee yet now.

park of Addis Ababa
Entoto park

Adventure and Recreations Activities

The following adventure activities of the Entoto park can entertain visitors. So, visitors are should pay for the services they want to play. In addition, visitors must take care to use comfortable clothes and ask for help.

  • Paintball arena
  • Archery

Other Visiting Sights:

When we come to Entoto park Addis Ababa, we can visit these sights for free.

  • Library
  • Artificial Lake and Fountains
  • Amphitheatre (Concert theaters and live music)
  • Entoto Mariam Church
  • the historical museum, and
  • Menelik’s Palace
  • Rock sloop cliffs and marshes
  • Over 200 bird species endemic to Ethiopia by birdwatchers
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Entoto Natural Park of Addis Ababa
Entoto park in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Zipline Adventure

Entoto park Addis Ababa
Zipline Adventure

The Zipline adventure is one of the outdoor recreational adventures. It is full of exciting and challenging activities. Zipline is moving from tree to tree using a robe, wood plate, or vehicle tire. The adventure has 24 challenges and requires paying 500.00 ETB per person. When you go to Entoto Natural park, you can spend an unforgettable time on a zipline adventure. Moreover, the Zipline adventure has a health benefit in avoiding stress and improving self-esteem.

Addis Ababa park adventure
Entoto natural park of Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa entoto


The horse Riding Adventure is the activity of horse riding for enjoyment and wellness. Horse riding is traditional in most rural areas of Ethiopia, but many people won’t ride horses because of access. So, Entoto Natural Park is the ideal place to experience horse riding adventure.

Entoto natural park of Addis Ababa


The paintball adventure is another type of outdoor entertainment adventure. It is a shooting sport to the target point. So, visitors can entertain playing Paintball adventure at Entoto Natural park.

Entoto natural park of Addis Ababa

What to Remember When going to Entoto Natural Park?

What to wear – wear comfortable cloth and shoes

Because of the long-distance walkway, please wear comfortable clothes like t-shirts, tanks, and athletic shorts or pants, and shoes like sports shoes, athletic boots, or hiking shoes. Wearing snug-fitting shoes with a fully enclosed toe and heel is also recommendable when coming to the park.

What to not Forget

Please don’t forget your keys, wallet, cell phone, eyeglass, and similar valuable items when you are busy with adventure activities. Otherwise, please leave it at home or lock it in your car.

To sum up, the park is so attractive and fully facilitated to serve domestic and international visitors. So, visitors can enter the park using two main entranceways. When visitors enter by Mariam gate, visitors can enjoy Addis Ababa’s view by May Telescope. Therefore, visitors should plan to stay a whole day in the park because the park is wide and has many entertaining activities.

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