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eservices of Ethiopia: Ethiopian Government Electronic Services to Access Public Services

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Innovation and Technology has launched a public electronic service to provide services to citizens, non-citizens, businesses, governments, and non-government entities. It is called e-services of Ethiopia and available online for free-for-all people. The portal has both Amharic and English versions. Ethiopian Electronic Services portal has provided services for more than 85k registered customers and processed more than 158k customer applications. As well, more than 1.2 million people visited the online services of Ethiopia. So, using eservices of Ethiopia, customers can access about 119 Federal Government Minister Offices to process the application and have an appointment.

eservices of Ethiopia
The most frequently processed applications are:
  • Issuance of Cross Border Permit for Freight Truck Drivers and Assistants
  • Registration of Active Public Employees for Social Security Service
  • Issuance of Cross Border Permit for Freight Trucks
  • Renewal of Professionals License
  • Issuance of Diplomatic ID Card

How to apply for eservices of Ethiopia

1) Be familiar with eservices portal, read terms and regulations of the services

Visitors can learn more about FAQ, Terms and Policy, and guidelines of the application from main menu bar, click more button. Moreover, select the service you want to apply and read description and its requirements before processing application online. According to the requirement of your application, prepare required documents and information ahead. In addition, look at service providers and related topics of the system to learn more about the application process.

2) Login or register on eservices of Ethiopia

Citizen Applicants should register on system to get user account and proceed with the applications. So, registration and login button found at the right top corner of top menu. Then, fill all required information according to the application format. When you fill all required information, registration button will be active and register your information. Then you will get confirmation code on your mobile number. Please enter the confirmation code and verify it. Now, you login using your phone number and password to process the application. At any time, you can update your profile.

After login, you can track application processes, follow-up tasks and appointments, payment order, and draft and archive applications.  

3) Submit application by eservices of Ethiopia

Log in to the system using your phone number and password, then select service and service provider from the main menu of the system. Thus, real the instruction and sign terms and conditions. The next step is filling the application form. Attach all required documents in pdf scanned in excellent quality. Don’t forget to fill all fields marked by astricts and submit the application if you complete all fields. But you can pause the application to resume later if your application is incomplete. When you submit the application, you can get the progress tracking number as a confirmation. So, using this number follow up the progress of your application and any notification from your page when you log in to the system.

So, what services do you want to get in Ethiopia? Would you like to check its availability online? Ethiopian is providing public services online to customers. So, do you want to have an appointment with the government office? It is easy now to access the minister’s office online using eservices.

Online application link to access eservices of Ethiopia: Click Here

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