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e-Visa and Passport Services from Ethiopia Immigration

How can apply online to Ethiopia Immigration for evisa and passport from abroad?

Ethiopia Immigration

Many Ethiopian and travelers are frequently asking us to know about the services of Ethiopia immigration and how they can contact them. For a decade, the Ethiopia immigration office had been servicing manually by paperwork. As a result, many people spend much time at the gate of immigration to receive services. As well, Ethiopian travel to Ethiopia to process immigration documents; or wait for a long time through Embassy. However, nowadays all the services are available online and Ethiopians can receive services without presenting in person at the immigration office. Also, international travelers can apply for an Ethiopia evisa online from all concerns of the world.

Therefore, what are services in Invea Ethiopia? Moreover, how can Ethiopian and international travelers contact the Invea Ethiopia for further information?

Major Services of Invea Ethiopia

The Immigration and Nationality Vital Events Agency (Invea) Ethiopia provides two major services to the citizen of Ethiopia and international travelers. Moreover, Invea processes the registration of citizens’ vital events.

Ethiopian Passport Services

All citizens of Ethiopia can request for online application of the passport to comply with the requirements. Moreover, lost passport, damaged passport, and pages run out passports are issued by INVEA Ethiopia. Learn more about online application to Ethiopian passport in English and Amharic.

Ethiopia Visa Services

Invea Ethiopia process business, tourist, and transit visa to the travel. Online e-visa application allows travelers to have travel visas easily than the application by paperwork. So, travelers should not go to the Ethiopian embassy or consulate’s office to request a travel visa. However, the applicants should give correct information on the application and check before submitting it. Otherwise, travel may face a challenge at the arrival of Ethiopian airport since the e-visa application system has no option to change or take correction after submission. Moreover, the applicants can send scanned and visible camera-captured travel documents like passport or residence permit and photo in a supported image format.

The application of e-visa requires at least three working days. After the application is submitted, applicants can check the status of e-visa online. But the confirmation email will send to the applicant’s email when e-visa approved. Sometimes, confirmation email may be in the spam folder of your email. Alternatively, applicants can download e-visa from .

Types of Ethiopia Visa

  1. Tourist e-visa, and
  2. Business e-visa:
Ethiopia Tourist eVisa

Ethiopian Government issues e-visa to traveler want to visit Ethiopia as a tourist or for non-business purposes. So, tourists can apply either online before their departure from their home country or can request on arrival at Bole International airport of Ethiopia. Learn more about tourist e-visa.

Ethiopia Business evisa

Business e-visa includes visa for

  • Journalist’s visa – including Media professionals like Film Producers and Directors, Reporters, and Event Organizers can request business e-visa to singe entry for 30 days, but it may not extend the visa.
  • International Organizations and Embassies Work Visa–when staffs or employees enter Ethiopia, they will request business e-visa to work in Ethiopia.
  • Investment Visa–when investors want to invest in Ethiopia, he or she can request e-visa either single or multiple entries up to 12 months.
  • Ethiopian Government Institutions Short Task Visa,
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) Work Visa—NGOs working in Ethiopia can invite foreign nations for 30 days for work or short-term assignments. Such Business Visa is allowed for 30 days without an extension of the duration.
  • Ethiopian Government Employment Visa–Ethiopian Institutions invite foreign nationals to special skill transfer works by Government Employment Visa.
  • Foreign Business Firm Employment Visa–when a company owned by foreigners in Ethiopia and wants to hire an employee from abroad, the Ethiopian government issued a business e-visa.
  • Ethiopian Private Business Firm Work Visa–evisa for the foreign employee when hired by the Ethiopian Private company.
  • Conference Visa–international travelers can enter Ethiopia for conferences, seminars, or workshops when invited by organizations from Ethiopia.

Would you like to learn more about the application process of visa? Click here. What are the requirements to apply online for a visa?

How can contact Ethiopia Immigration office for further information and clarification?

Ethiopian citizens and travelers can directly contact the Immigration and Nationality Vital Events Agency of Ethiopia. Recently, many people are losing their many and documents to fraud dealers. So, contact the invea office for further information either their email or call.

Contact about visa services on Call +251 (0)111553899 or email on Likewise, contact for passport services using short code to call: 8133 free calls or email:

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  1. I have applied for a new passport and missed the appointment date because I got an emergency. And when I go after 5 days they told me that it’s expired and I should apply again, does that mean I should pay again? If so why do I have to pay again because I have a huge reason not to be there on the right date. There should be an adjustment or exception if you have a rule to that. The organisation isn’t perfect and never done anything on time so likewise, it doesn’t expect the people to be perfect.

  2. This is to kindly request information regarding the online visa application. How long does it take to get a visa online and in-person in the current state for regular applicants?.
    Evidence indicated that some of the employees receive money to process a passport without order, this influences those who are waiting there order. I have applied for a passport before six months but still, I didn’t get it. The office made more than 3 appointments without providing a passport. I know there may be more demands and the office is busy but the maltreatment-like process without order will bring more complications. Please provide fair and transparent service for all, reduce the appointment frequencies, and take necessary measurements on those employees who commit such kind of illegal activity.
    Thank you so much for your consideration.

  3. Hussein Mohamed Abdi

    i have paid the payment and i,m not geting any SMS and my appointment date was march 7- 2022 but still not receiving any feedback or sms

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