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How can tourist create own ideal Ethiopia itinerary for travel and tour?

Create own ideal Ethiopia itinerary

Ethiopia itinerary

The travel itinerary is a range of activities of travel and tour, including choice of destination and means of transportation and accommodation. Tour agencies or the tourists themselves may carry out tour itineraries. So how tourists can create a unique Ethiopia itinerary for travel and tour? However, tourists must be familiar with elements of travel and tour itinerary before developing your own ideal Ethiopia itinerary.

The Tour Program is the most important element of travel and tour itineraries. The tour program is a collection of activities that take place during the journey and the tour. Second, the Tour timetable helps what to do when. Tour time is limited, as it should be managed properly. The schedule of the tour also helps to control travel and tour costs. Third, tourist destination is another key element in the development of one’s own travel and tour itineraries. The tourist destination is tourist attraction sights.

The following certain points may help tourists to develop own ideal Ethiopia itinerary for travel and tour.

1. Get start – start Planning here

How to plan for travel and tour
  • Calculate travel time and tour duration: Decide how long your trip should be. Without determining the duration of the tour, it is not possible for tourists to estimate travel costs. The calculation of the total number of days depends on the selection of destinations. Hence, the basic information of the destination determines the travel time and duration of the tour.
  • Set a travel and tour budget:- The travel and tour budget relies on which destination you choose, which flights and hotels you want to book, and how many sights you can visit. Calculate the cost, including the extra amount of cash when you set the travel and tour budget.
  • Choose a Tourist Destination:- is the most essential element of travel and tour itineraries. Tourist destinations must be attractive, accessible, and safe. In addition, tourists should know the best time to visit selected sights when they choose a tourist destination. Learn the best time of Ethiopia to visit.
  • Comply with Tourist Requirements:- The chosen destination and country may strictly require travel documents and vaccinations (like the Covid-19 vaccine,). So travelers must pay attention to such requirements. Moreover, Ethiopia’s Tourist Visa is also available online. Learn more about applying online for a tourist visa.
  • Find Affordable International Flight and Hotels:- the price of international flights varies depending on the seasons, the type of airline, and the time of flight, Thus, tourists should look for the cheap price of an international flight. The flight price of Ethiopian Airlines is affordable and serves many destinations in Africa. So, you can find an affordable price for Ethiopian Airlines. Likewise, these sites to find flight prices are KAYAK and Skyscanner. Moreover, you should find hotels at every tourist destination. Find affordable hotels where you want to stay from

2. How to prepare a schematic outline for travel and tour

Prepare a travel and tour layout plan based on elements of itineraries. The Paper version of tour maps or the google map helps to outline the tour program in-depth information. When you prepare a schematic outline, you can get basic information from reliable internet sources and ask your friends. Please look at the ideal itineraries below and create your own itineraries.

3. Find Travel and tour Agency

Travel and Tour Agencies reconfirms the ideal itineraries. In addition, Travel and Tour Agencies use also as tour guides for the chosen destination. Ethiopia has over 250 travel and tour agencies.

4. Book Flights and Accommodation

Look at our sample Ethiopia travel and tour itineraries

Tour Duration: 15 days itinerary in Ethiopia (minimum trip days). The choice of the destination is to the Northern part of Ethiopia. So, travel will start from Addis Ababa and ends at Gondor.

  • 1 day for flight (departure and arrival)–try to arrive in Addis Ababa before midnight and have enough rest to enjoy travel and tour in the next days. And back to home country after the midnight on 15th day.

Addis Ababa–2 Nights and 1 Day

  • 2nd Day – Visit Addis Ababa–Entoto Natural Park, Unity Park of Addis Ababa, National Museum of Ethiopia (Red Terror Martyrs Memorial Museum)

Bahir Dar–2 Nights and 2 days

  1. It is about 553 km away from Addis Ababa Ethiopia. It may also take about 10 hours to arrive at Bahir Dar.
  2. 3rd–5th Days: travel to Bahir Dar from Addis Ababa; and visit Tana Lakes and Monasteries and Blue Nile Falls.

        Gondar–3 Nights and 4 Days

Gondar is 175 km away from Bahir Dar and takes about 3 hours to arrive.

5th–10th days: – Travel to Gondar; Visit Simien Mountains National Park (Hiking, watching birds, animals & the like);

Me’ekele–2 nights and 2 days