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Ethiopian Epiphany FESTIVAL

Ethiopian Epiphany (Timiket in Amharic word) is the religious festival of Christian Ethiopians. Though the Orthodox Christian provides a high emphasis on celebrating the Epiphany (Timiket) festival every 18th of January, other Christian religions pay less attention to the celebration of the festival because of a different meaning of Epiphany. Epiphany is the commemoration occasion for the baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist.

Ethiopian Epiphany

What is the biblical meaning of Baptisms of Jesus Christ? Different religions have different perspectives on the meanings of Baptism. Some religious teachers teach that baptism is important to receive the true salvation of Jesus Christ, while others also teach that baptizes is a sign for the cooperation of Jesus in His death and resurrection. Other church leaders also teach baptism as an important ritual ceremony to ensure church members. In contrast, other religious teachers teach that baptism has no significant role in the salvation of people. Therefore, such regions pay less attention to the baptism.

Biblical Meanings of Water Baptism

Water baptism was the ritual ceremony of Jewish when they want to clean from sin before going to the temple, when somebody wants to follow the Jewish religion, and when followers of the Jewish faith want to receive the mercy of God. John Baptized Jesus to do all that God wants Jesus to do. Jesus also gave the order to His disciple to baptized people. So, why Jesus ordered His disciples to baptize people?

Ethiopian Orthodox Epiphany (TIMKET) FESTIVAL

What the meaning of the Epiphany (Timket) Festival for Orthodox religion? Ethiopia Orthodox gives special emphasis on the celebration of Epiphany (Timket) Festival since Orthodox accept some Old Testament rituals like Ark. Share what you learn about Ethiopian Epiphany (Timket) Festival.

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