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Ethiopian Passport Renewal from Abroad

How can easily renew an Ethiopian Passport Online from Outside Ethiopia?

Renew Ethiopian Passport

Ethiopian citizens who live abroad want to renew their passport when the passport pages run out, lost, damaged, or expired. Without a renewed passport, Ethiopians cannot travel back to Ethiopia or visit other countries. If possible, the traveler should renew their Ethiopian passport before traveling outside of Ethiopia. So, what are the requirements and procedures for renewing an Ethiopian passport from abroad? All embassies of Ethiopia have some limited information about how to renew an Ethiopian passport, but detailed information about how to renew an Ethiopian passport is presented here below by countries. Moreover, our audiences can read further updates about Ethiopian passport and tourism from our blog posts.

How can renew an Ethiopian Passport from USA?

Applicant must comply with the requirements of renewal of Ethiopian passport. Otherwise, Embassy may reject or delay the application if the applicant does not fulfill the requirements.
What are the requirements to replace a lost passport or an expired passport?

  • Two copies of expired or lost passport,
  • Four recent colored and passport size photographs,
  • Two copies of USA residence or work permit or I-94,
  • Copy and original of Applicant’s Fingerprint
  • Two copies of the Application Form
  • Payment for application service free

Applicant should submit all required documents to Ethiopian Embassy via mail with an envelope. Applicant must include two self-addressed return envelopes with the original application from prepaid UPS, or USPS EXPRESS MAIL. Otherwise, the Consulate General Office will not process the return shipping of the application. So, an applicant can check the process of the application using the tracking number of the corresponding mailing company’s website.

The payment fee for renewing the Ethiopian passport is 60 USD for a 32-page ordinary passport, whereas the fee of the replacement for a lost passport is 90 USD. Applicant should pay a service fee to Ethiopian Embassy by money order.

Moreover, applicants can also use the Fingerprint Capture form if the applicant cannot find the nearest police station or authorized company to take fingerprints. Similarly, applicants can download the application form for passport renewal.

Lastly, the renewal application process may take 3 to 4 months. In case if the Embassy requests additional documents, the applicant should submit the document at a given time interval. Otherwise, the application process time may be longer or rejected by the Embassy. For further clarification, please visit the Ethiopia Embassy website.

How can renew an Ethiopian Passport from UK?

The owner of the Ethiopian passport should submit an application to Ethiopian Embassy in the UK. The application should include the name of the passport owner, the purpose of the application (that is, the request for renewal of Ethiopian passport), physical address, and contact number. Moreover, applicants should attach two copies of expired or old passports, a UK residence permit or visa, and a recent photograph.
The photo of the applicant should be

  • 40 mm in height and 30 mm in width (Ethiopian Passport size)
  • Color photo with white background,
  • A full face without sunglass and hair cover (for non-religious case)

Thus, submit copies and original documents to the Embassy of Ethiopia through only post address. The application may reach within 10 working days in normal condition. The post address of the Ethiopia Embassy in the UK is:

Consular Department
Embassy of Ethiopia
17 Princes Gate

Once the application is submitted to Embassy, the consular officer will contact the applicants via phone to make payment. Consequently, the applicant can pay using credit and debit cards. However, the embassy will not accept payments by American Express, cash, postal orders, or banker’s draft. The payment to renew the Ethiopian Passport is 48 pounds for a 32-page ordinary passport.
The process of passport renewal may take up to three months. When the passport renewed, the Consular of the Embassy will send it to the address of the applicant. For further inquiry call to Ethiopia Embassy in the UK on +44 (0), 207 838 3898 or visit the website of the Ethiopia Embassy in the UK.

How can renew an Ethiopian Passport from European Countries?

Ethiopian citizens can request for renewal of their Ethiopian Passport from any European country as long as the applicant complies with the requirements. All Ethiopia Embassy requests the applicants to fulfill the application form and Fingerprint form. Moreover, applicant should submit.

  • Copies of old Ethiopian Passport,
  • Copies of residence or work permit or visa,
  • Recent Passport size photograph,
  • Paying 54 euro for the service fee for renewal, whereas the service fee for a lost passport is 81 euro. The amount of service payment varies from country to country. So applicants should visit the respective Embassy website.
  • Valid documents for changes of the name and birth date of the passport

Applicant should submit copies and original documents to the respective Embassy of Ethiopia via mail if the applicant was provided fingerprint ahead. However, the applicant should go in person if he or she did not give a fingerprint ahead. The renewal application process may take 2-3 months from European countries. Moreover, the applicant should include two self-addressed return envelopes to receive renewed or replaced passport.

How can renew Ethiopian Passport from African Countries?

Like other continents, applicants of Ethiopian citizens should follow the same requirements and application processes. Moreover, applicants should visit the website of the respective Embassy of Ethiopia.

For any further help and inquiry, please contact us to get information from Ethiopian Immigration Nationality and Vital Event Office. Also, learn more about Ethiopia’s Tourism.