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How to send items to Ethiopia from all parts of the World?

Ethiopia is one of the oldest countries in Africa using postal services. Nowadays, the country is using modern ways to receive from and send items to Ethiopia from any parts of the world. Thus, there are a number of ways to send items to Ethiopia. However, which ways are best to send items to Ethiopia from European, Asian, Northern and other parts of the country? 

Convenient Way to send Items to Ethiopia

The most know and best ways to send material are:

1. DHL

These days, DHL is available everywhere and their partners’ offices are found around the cities you are living in. So, simply search the location of DHL or DHL partner offices near to you. Then, the office will five you any detailed information about what you want including the price and tracking systems. Moreover, ask the postal office of the country where you are living to know the relationship with one of the service providers in Ethiopia. So, your country’s postal office will send an item through DHL to Ethiopia.

How to send items

Using DHL service, you can send items with a size of 80x80x80cm max dimensions. It must not be more than 25kg in weight. By DHL service, you will get free online tracking to keep you fully updated on your parcel’s location. The parcel delivery and courier system serve the capital city, Addis Ababa and some of the regional towns of Ethiopia. So, you can send parcels items to friends or family or trade with business partners.

Nevertheless, you can not send items with valuable goods like money, jewelry and others not listed here. So, ask the DHL office about the items you are going to send to Ethiopia. But, DHL offers domestic and international shipping services other than parcels delivery and collections. 

Duties and Taxes of Ethiopia in items send by DHL

Whether the items are sent for business or gift, it goes through the process of importing. So, the items are subjected to importing customs law of Ethiopia. But the calculation of tariff and tax depends on the type and amount of items. It is the receiver’s responsibility to pay the imposed amount of duties and tax. The receiver should not go to the customs office to pay duties but the DHL office will pay the laived amount and collect from the receiver.

How can I send items from Ethiopia to other Countries?
How to send items

Using a DHL Express Ethiopia, you can send documents and parcel packages, pallets, containers and cargo. There are various categories of services according to your interest to send items. So review the delivery categories. For instance, if you select DHL Same Day Jetline, they will pick items within 60 minutes and delivery within 24 hours. This category of delivery has many pro services and the price will be calculated based on the type of item and destination country.

2. EMS Ethiopia

It is part of  Ethiopia postal services which works with Universal Postal Union (UPU). Using EMS service, you can send items to other countries. The items must be 1.5m dimension in size, 3m volume, and 30kg weight. When you send items, individual EMS operators of destination countries manage tracking information. Read more about its services.

3. Other Courier Agents

There are many courier agents in Ethiopia which offer services at local and international levels. FedEx Express is an alternative option for EMS and DHL express. GIZE PLC Freight Logistics is also a competent company in Ethiopia to deliver services at international level.

send items to Ethiopia

Which one is best and suitable for you? Do you have any experiences regarding the courier services? Please share it in the comments section for the lesson of others. Moreover, you can read more about Ethiopia Tourisms. If you have any comments and suggestions, please contact us.