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Lakehead University International Entrance Scholarship in Canada

International Entrance Scholarships 2022-2023

The Lakehead University awards international Entrance Scholarships automatically to non-Canadian citizens who enter Lakehead University from a recognized high school curriculum or who transfer from that of an international college or university, without any application required. Thus, the scholarship is available to top international high school students who have applied to Lakehead University for the academic year 2022-2023. 

Lakehead University scholarship

In addition, take advantage of one of the most generous university scholarship programs in Canada. The university makes education much easier so you can focus on your studies. 

1. Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships

The University also offers undergraduate Entrance Scholarships to non-Canadian citizens who enter Lakehead University from a recognized high school curriculum or who transfer from that of an international college or university, without any application required. So, the scholarship is open to top international students applying to Lakehead University for the academic year 2022-2023. 

2. Graduate Scholarships

Some full-time graduate students (including Visa students) may be also offered Graduate Assistant positions at a rate of $10,197.68 CAD at the Master’s level and $11,120.82 CAD at the Doctoral level (2020- 21 rates). A regular appointment entails a maximum of 270 hours of work over the Fall and Winter terms, with a weekly workload of no more than 10 hours. 

3. Faculty Research Awards for Graduate Students

A Faculty Research Award may also be given to some graduate students. A full–time degree candidate may be paid this stipend for research or academic activities related to the student’s field(s) of study within the academic program. The student’s supervisor bestows Faculty Research Awards. Also, learn more about Graduate Scholarships & Awards

4. Lakehead-Georgian Scholarships

International Entrance Scholarships & International Visionary Award 2022-2023. Automatically considered. There is no scholarship application requirement.  

Non-Canadian citizens entering Lakehead-Georgian from high school or transferring from an international college or university will be considered for Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships. then, the scholarship is available to top international students applying to Lakehead-Georgian for the academic year 2022-2023. In addition to the entrance scholarships (based on academic achievements), international Lakehead-Georgian students beginning in Fall 2022 are eligible for the $4,000.

Lakehead University

Description of the Scholarship 

Scholarship Amount: $40,000

Provided by: Lakehead University – Thunder Bay 

Top international students applying to Lakehead with an Academic Average (Canadian Equivalent) of 90 percent or higher or an IB average of 35 percent or higher will receive a $10,000 CAD scholarship in Year 1. Moreover, this scholarship is renewable if you maintain a 90 percent average in each academic year. The full set of terms and conditions apply. There is no application requirement since it consider students automatically. 

When and how are entrance scholarship offers? 

Entrance Scholarship averages are calculated using the Canadian equivalent of your admission average. Scholarships will be distributed in two rounds. Round One will take place in February 2021 whereas the Round Two in April 2021. There are only a few International Entrance Scholarships available. International students interested in attending the University are encouraged to apply early in order to be considered for the two Entrance Scholarship rounds.

scholarship of Lakehead University

Eligibility Requirements

  • Level of Study: any
  • Citizens: any
  • Attended School: any
  • School of Study: any
  • Field of Study: any
  • Region of residents: international or visa students
  • Course load: full/part time 

Contact info


(807) 343-8206


Lakehead University, 955 Oliver Road, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada. P7B 5E1 

Full description of the scholarship :

All the above information of the scholarship are the the University website. But also, the link of the university found below. So, click on the link to access full description of the scholarship. Furthermore, Ethiopia Tourism researches various scholarship sources. All our scholarship sources are also accessible for all students for free.

Lakehead University Scholarship

Tips for International Students

Be Strategic!

What should be the strategy?

If you are searching all the websites of scholarship, you are killing your time! Stop it and be strategic. My three strategies are:

1: Select the field of study

2: Select the Country and University that you want to proceed the study.

3: Focus on the websites of the Universities rather than follow up the blogsite.

Please share your experience. Moreover, learn about the travels for study, tourism, international jobs, medication, and more.