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Industrial Parks of Ethiopia

Beyond everything, investors think to see a payback for their investment when they invest millions into growing businesses and enterprises.   The challenging aspect of investment, however, is identifying the potential businesses that have a competitive advantage over other investments. Ethiopia, on the other hand, has listed agriculture, textile and clothing, leather and leather goods, pharmaceuticals, agro-processing, ICT, power, mining, and tourism as promising investment areas for foreign investors. Furthermore, Ethiopian industrial parks present an excellent potential for investors. So, let us have a look at Ethiopia’s present state and list of industrial parks of Ethiopia.

Industrial parks of Ethiopia

Why is Ethiopia a potential investment destination?

Ethiopia is one of the top countries in Africa for attracting investment in many areas for a variety of reasons. One of these major parts is the development of industrial parks, which are meant to be long-term investments since they are fully equipped with advanced infrastructure and manufacturing equipment to assist investors in getting their businesses up and running.

Many foreign investors have been hesitant to invest in Ethiopia over the past 30 years due to political instability and ethnic tensions. Nonetheless, the new Ethiopian government transformed the situation and provided a favorable business climate for foreign firms. Furthermore, low labor costs, a national airline, and highly competitive consumer markets are important considerations in attracting international investment. Furthermore, the Ethiopian government constructed ten industrial parks in various locations. So, how many industrial parks are there in Ethiopia? Do you want to learn more about Ethiopian industrial parks? List of industrial parks of Ethiopia is reviewed in this article to give further information for investors.

All industrial parks have all of the required infrastructure to provide investors with the highest quality services. Asphalt road construction, street lighting installation, and security CCTV cameras are key infrastructural aspects of all Ethiopian industrial parks. Electricity substations, telecommunications and internet services, appropriate water supply, and wastewater drainage culverts with effluent treatment are among the parks’ infrastructure and utilities. The industrial parks also have fire stations, health care facilities, police stations, and training colleges. All of the Industrial Parks have transportation logistics and can convey items to export destinations.

Development of Industrial Parks in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC) was founded in 2014 with the legislative mission to build and run industrial parks across Ethiopia as a national priority effort. Industrial parks are intended to help the Ethiopian government fulfill its objective of transforming the economy from an agrarian to an industrial foundation by creating jobs and expanding exports without increasing environmental strain. Learn more about the list of industrial parks of Ethiopia.

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Who is Responsible for Industrial Parks of Ethiopia?

IPDC is in charge of overseeing all industrial park activities in partnership with the Ethiopian Investment Commission and the Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority. Furthermore, government agencies such as the Ethiopian Electric Utility, EthioTelecom, and the Main Department for Immigration and Nationality Affairs provide a one-stop-shop service for investors.

Ethiopian Industrial park

10 Industrial Parks of Ethiopia for Foreign Investment

  1. Lemi Bole Industrial Park of Ethiopia

It is located in the City Administration of Addis Ababa. The park contains 20 factory sheds with a combined land area of 172 hectares to produce garments. Bole Lemi Park has also developed sheds and service space on 181 hectares of land to make Peril and textile.

  1. Kolento Industrial Park of Ethiopia.

 Kolento industrial park is also located in Addis Ababa, City Administration, with a total area of 279 hectares of land for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.

  1. Hawassa Industrial Park of Ethiopia

Hawassa Industrial Park H. IP is located in the area of Nations and Nationalities (SNNPR). The park contains 52 factory sheds and a total land area of 140 hectares for textile and apparel manufacturing.

4. Mekelle Industrial Park of Ethiopia

The Mekelle Industrial Park is located in Tigray. The park has 15 factory sheds with a total area of 75 hectares to manufacture textiles and garments. 

  1. Kombolcha Industrial Park of Ethiopia

The Kombolcha industrial park is located in the Amhara region, under the Kombolcha City Administration. It has also nine Factory sheds and a total land area of 75 hectares to make Peril and cloth.

  1. Adama  Industrial park of Ethiopia

Adama Industrial Park is in the Oromia region, in the Adama City Administration. It includes 19 Factory sheds and 120 hectares of land to make garment clothing and machinery. 

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  1. Jima Industrial Park of Ethiopia

The industrial park is located in Jimma City Administration’s Oromia region. There are nine Factory sheds. It has a total land area of 75 hectares for textile and garment manufacturing.

  1. Debre Birhan Industrial park. 

The Debre Birhan industrial park is located in the Debre Berhan City Administration in the Amhara region. It has eight factory sheds with a total area of 75 hectares to make garments and clothing, as well as trade.

  1. Dire Dawa Industrial Park 

Dire Dawa industrial park is part of the Dire Dawa city administration. The Park has 15 sheds and 150 hectares of land for garment, textile, and apparel manufacturing.

  1. Bahir Dar Industrial Park of Ethiopia

The Bahir Dar industrial park is located near the Bahir Dar city administration in the Amhara region. The park also contains 8 sheds with a total land area of 75 hectares for the production of textiles and clothing.

How to apply for industrial park investment

Ethiopia’s government warmly welcomes international investors and is eager to collaborate with them. The industrial parks are intended to provide a variety of services in one location. So, which industrial park are you interested in investing in? Apply to IPDC directly if you want to invest in clothing & textiles, ICT, pharmaceuticals, or multi-sectoral businesses. Learn more by visiting the IPDC’s official website.

If you have any experience with industrial parks, please share it with us and others so that we can all learn. Lastly, read other relevant posts.