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How to Apply Online for Lost or Stolen Ethiopian Passport

You may have lost or  stolen an Ethiopian passport suddenly somewhere. Mind to report the case to the nearby police station. When you arrive at the police station, you may ask some questions and witness to confirm the loss of your passport. People who know the case can be a witness in the Police Station. Thus, the Police Officer will give you a letter for the lost or stolen passport. Once you get the evidence letter from the police, you can apply for an Ethiopian Passport online. So, what are the requirements and procedures to apply for lost or stolen an Ethiopian passport? The following article gives you important information about the requirements and procedures to apply online for  lost or stolen Ethiopian Passport.

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What are requirements to apply for lost or stolen Ethiopian Passport?

  1. Prepare Documents before apply online
  • Valid ID card –  applicant must bring a kebele identification card.
  • Evidence Letter – is the confirmation of lost or stolen Ethiopian passport from nearby police station.
  • Passport Information if possible – if you have scanned or copy of the passport, upload it.

Note: Don’t forget to scan all the required documents and resize them according to the guidelines

Service fee for lost or Stolen Ethiopian Passport

The service fee for replacement of lost or stolen 64 pages of  passport for both valid and expired is 2,186.00 ETB. As well, the fee for replacement of lost or stolen 32 pages of passport for both valid and expired is 1,200.00 ETB. However, the service fee is 600.00 ETB for a 32 pages passport which is valid for less than 6 months. All the payments are on bank using the payment code generated from the application form. 

How can I request an appointment?

Anyone who lost or stolen Ethiopian passports must request a schedule for an appointment first. So, you can request an appointment online and get confirmation by email or SMS message. No in person or shortcut ways for appointment with Immigration Officers or Consular. Hence, print the appointment page after you request a schedule for the appointment. The appointment Page has an appointed date and time.

lost or stolen Ethiopian Passport


Follow the following steps to request an appointment online.

  1. Click Here to access appointment online page. Don’t forget to sign your agreement for terms and conditions after you read it.
  2. All other steps are similar to applying for a new Ethiopian passport. But the main difference is on the service fee and required documents that you upload. So, please refer to the online application steps for a new Ethiopian passport. Learn steps how to apply.

Other important information after your online application for appointment, you must present on the right appointed date and time. If in case you miss your first appointment date, please contact the appointment Consular and pay a penalty for missing an appointment.

You are expected to pay 150 ETB if you are unable to enter into appointment for 15 consecutive working days. You may pay double if you do not attend the appointment until 30 working days. However, you should apply again if you miss the appointment for more than 30 consecutive working days.

What can I do after applying online for an Ethiopian Passport?

  • Bring the appointment paper by printing the last page which has your appointment and delivery date and time.
  • You must bring the original documents of the same documents that you uploaded with the Online Application
  • Applicants must come in person on the appointment date. But parents or guardians may come to accompany the child/toddler.

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