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Safe Places to Visit in Ethiopia at the end of 2021

Which Tourist Destinations of Ethiopia are Safe to International Visitors?

safe places to visit in Ethiopia

The most tourist destinations of Ethiopia are found in the Northern part of Ethiopia. Northern part of Ethiopia has plenty of  natural, cultural, historical and religious tourist attractions. However, the northern part of Ethiopia is currently in political instability and all those tourist destinations of the northern part of Ethiopia are not safe places to visit. So. northern part of Ethiopia like Tigray, Amhara, Benishangul Gumuz, Gambella and Afar regional states currently experiencing civil unrest. Moreover, the West Wollega zone, and Nekemte town in East Wollega, the Qellem Wollega zones, in the Oromia region. Such outbreaks of violence occurring in some parts of the country do not directly affect other areas of Ethiopia because Ethiopia is a multi tribal country in Africa.

Travel Precaution Message to International Tourists

It is important to be aware of any unrest in tourist destinations of Ethiopia. It is also recommended to tourists to not travel to the northern part of Ethiopia during such unsafe conditions. How can tourists visit safe places in Ethiopia? So, the following advices helps to manage your travel.

Some important tips for travelers during the unrest seasons of Ethiopia.

  • Stay up to date with travel advisory prior to leaving for travel.
  • Sign up for the emergency alerts from a respective Embassy. In addition, enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive alerts and locate you in an emergency.
  • Be aware the internet connection in Ethiopia is not reliable. So. use alternatives to contact Embassy.
  • Avoid travel to all border regions with Kenya, South Sudan, Sudan or Eritrea.
  • Learn about travel evacuation plan, and precautions from your Travel Agency or Tour Operator and Guide. Moreover, read more about Travel Advice about Ethiopia.
  • Difficult locations because of civil unrest are Bench Sheko Zone and Konso Special Woreda in SNNPR

10 Safe Tourist Destinations in Ethiopia

Ethiopia Tourism recommends 10  safe places in Ethiopia to visit at the end of  2021. Those places are safe because of political stability, weather conditions, and tourism facilities. So, international and domestic tourists can visit those safe places in Ethiopia at the end of 2021.

  1. Addis Ababa Tourist Attractions
  2. The Omo Valley
  3. Arba Minch Tourist Locations
  4. Bale Mountains National Park
  5.  Harar Tourist Locations
  6. Jinka Tourist Locations
  7. Turmi (Hammer Tribe)
  8. Konso Village (Konso New York City)
  9. Tiya Stelae
  10. Hawassa Tourist Locations

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