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How to apply for the Yellow Card of Ethiopia?

The Yellow Card of Ethiopia is refers to an Ethiopian Origin ID Card to Ethiopian who are living abroad. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia issues an ID card  when the applicant is abroad whereas the Authority for Security, Immigration and Refugee Affairs issues it when in Ethiopia. The objective of Ethiopian Origin ID card is identifying foreign nationals of Ethiopian to entitle them to various rights and privileges. Moreover, the children (under the age of 18) of a Yellow card holder can enjoy the same facilities.

the Yellow Card of Ethiopia

Benefits of Ethiopian Origin ID Card

The holder of the Yellow Card of Ethiopia has the following privileges to the Ethiopian Diaspora:

  • Exempted from obtaining an entry visa,  residence permit to live in Ethiopia, and work permit to find employment in Ethiopia, and
  • S/he shall not be subjected to the exclusion that applies to foreign nationals

But, not allowed to have a right to

  • To vote or be elected to any office at any level of Government.
  • can work as an employee on a regular basis in the National Defense, Security, Foreign Affairs and other similar political establishments.

How to apply for the new Yellow Card of Ethiopia?

All new applications must be in person at the Embassy using an appointment from the Embassy to provide fingerprints. The applicant must complete the application form clearly in BLOCK CAPITAL letters in either blue or black ink. Moreover, if the applicants fail to provide all necessary information, the immigration will not process the application. Furthermore, the applicant should prepare supporting documents of the application.

Required Documents to apply for Yellow Card of Ethiopia

The following documents are essential in support of the application;

  1. Two copies of Filled Application Form
  2. Passport-sized recent color photographs – 3 photograph
  3. Supporting documents to show that you are Ethiopian origin- Two copies

Documents for a Proof of Ethiopian Origin

  1. Previous Passport  (if available)
  2. Two copies of valid passport from the country of naturalization
  3. Birth certificate, Marriage certificates, ID Cards, or Bank Book – authenticated by the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  4. Court decision documents and property ownership documents – authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs showing that you are the legal inheritor

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