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Things to do and Place to See in Addis Ababa

Nowadays, many people want to visit stunning places and do entertainment activities to spend free time with their friends, fiancé, family, children, or spouse in Addis Ababa. But they cannot make decisions about things to do and places to see in Addis Ababa because of limited information about activities and visiting destinations. We provide unlimited information to those who want to spend their free time in Addis Ababa. Based on our information, contact service providers, and decide. We also want your feedback after you do things and see places where we recommended them. Also, give your points of review about the services you received and places you saw which may help us to share with others.

6 Best Things to Do and Places to Visit

What do you want to do in Addis Ababa? Where do you want to go? What do you want to visit in Addis Ababa? We recommend five best places to visit in Addis Ababa. If you have, visit all those places to learn and experience new feeling. If you want further information, send us inquire.

1. Unity Park


The unity Park is the most recommended place for anyone who is in Addis Ababa or plans to come to Addis Ababa. A Unity Park is established by the initiative of Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr) and launched in October 2019. Moreovre, the Park has various historical, natural, and cultural tourist attractions in one place. It is open all days of the week except Monday. You can pay an entrance fee online. Click here to learn more detailed information about Unity Park. Click Here:


Visitors must be aware of rules and regulations of the park before going to the park. Click here to see these regulations. Moreover, visit our blog posts about detail activities of the park.


The Unity Park is located at the Grand Palace of Ethiopia at Arat killo. The Park is accessible to private and public transportation from all corners of Addis Ababa.

Contact and Official Website:

Visitors also can get more information from official websites of the park: Moreover, contact the park administration for any further inquires either by calling or send an email.

2. Entoto Park


Entoto natural park has a stunning view and breathtaking sight for many visitors because of its nature and adventure activities. We have a detailed explanation about the park of Entoto and its activities. So, I suggest you see another article for us to learn more about. Entoto Natural Park of Addis Ababa.


Visitors can get all services found in the city center of Addis Ababa since brand hotels, restaurants, and cafeterias are found there. Moreover, Entoto park has many adventure activities for individual and group visitors. It is also open all weekdays. There is no entrance fee.

Contacts and Official Website:

Entoto Official website also helps to learn more about the activities and services of the park:

3. National Museum of Ethiopia


A National Museum is known by ancient archaeological finds like 3.2-million-year-old hominid fossil. The fossils are thought that it is among the oldest existing ancestors of human beings.


Visiting the National Museum may take up to 3 hours. Visitors also can learn how the concept of the museum started in Ethiopia during the visit of the National Museum of Ethiopia because it is a pioneer for the promotion and establishment of archaeological research. In addition, visitors can see the throne of Emperor Haile Selassie, the fossil skeleton – Lucy, and the fossil skull–Selam including stone tools. The Museum is open to visitors all days of the week starting from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. So, visitors can spend their time with families by visiting the museum.


5Killo Addis Ababa. The Museum is also accessible to transport from any direction of Addis Ababa.

4. Zoma Museum

Zoma Museum is the center for ecological art and architecture. It is built with local material and skills learned from an ancient knowledge of art production, architecture, and landscaping to establish an Eco-sensitive art institution. The name of the museum was given after the death of a young artist Zoma Shifferaw in 1979. Special this museum is the most recommended to visit with children. The museum is open all days of the week except Monday starting from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm. There is also an entrance fee for adults, children, and elder peoples.

things to do and place to see

There is an art gallery, MUD WALL ARTS, library, children center, restaurant, coffee shop, gift shop, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and trees garden, elementary school, amphitheater, and animal farm. This place is nice to take a break from the city noise and enjoy fresh air, read books.


It is found Mekanisa Aba in Addis Ababa.

Contacts and Official Website

Zoma Museum has own official website to learn more about it. If you want to contact the administration of the museum, you can call on +251911193103 or send an email to

5. Shiromeda Market


Shiromeda Market is among the largest market center of Addis Ababa to sell and buy weaving products and local handicraft items. There are hundreds of shops with traditional dresses, shoes, hats, and other small items. Shiromeda Market has all kinds of traditional clothes of Ethiopian and African Nations. So, visitors can buy those items at a cheap price as compared to other market locations. Also, people can rent clothes to dress for short time events. The market center is open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm throughout the week except on Sunday.

Products and Services

Shiro Meda Market may take from 1 to 2 hours to visit and buy something which you are interested in. Shops have different cultural clothes. It is difficult to buy all cultural clothes, but you may choose as your interest in the culture. Sometimes, the price may be high for foreigners so that they should go along with Ethiopian friends to bargain the prices since many of the shops have not fixed price for the products.

Some products of the Shiro Meda market are pottery products for home decoration and dining, traditional Jewelry like necklaces, earrings, handwoven cotton clothes. So, you can buy traditional items as gifts, and you can present it your friends.


Shiromeda Market is found around American Embassy of Ethiopia. It is also nearby Entoto Natural Park and Unity Park of Addis Ababa. So, visitors can see go either from Entoto or Unity Park to Shiromeda market Center. It is also access for private and public transport from all sides of Addis Ababa.

6. Meskel Square


Meskel Square is one of the best entertainment places in Addis Ababa because it is found at the center of the city. This place is open 24 hours and 7 days a week. It is a public place to exercise and entertain with family and friends.


You can exercise in the evening and morning. Meskel Square is more suitable to sit and watch the city chaos. The area has not service providers like tea and coffee. So, people can take their soft drinking and cookies.


It is found nearby stadium area. It is also accessible for any transportation with parking.

Do you have any suggestion or comments for these places? What did you do when you visited these places? Please share your feelings with others to learn more.