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Tips for tourist who wants to visit to Ethiopia

Are you looking for the best tourist destinations in the World? What is your interest to visit during your vacation? How much time do you have for tourism? How much budget do you allocate for a vacation tour? The answers to these questions are so important to decide for a tour in your vacation time. If your preference is Ethiopia, these tips for tourists are so important to plan and take prior precautions.

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Top Five Tips for Tourists

Tip 01: About Currency and its Exchange in Ethiopia

The local currency of Ethiopia is birr (ETB). Tourists can only use local currency or birr. When tourists arrive in Ethiopia or Ethiopian airport, they must exchange money into Ethiopian local currency. Tourists MUST not try to exchange currency at the black market since Ethiopian law strictly prohibits it. Many Hotels of Addis Ababa like Hilton and Sheraton Hotels have branches of banks to give exchange services to guests. In addition, Ethiopian Banks have also a branch in Ethiopian Airlines. So, tourists can access the exchange services there. Certain hotels in Addis Ababa may receive Mastercard and Visa to process the payments, but not for exchange. Also, tourists should not rely on ATM services of Banks in Ethiopia. Tourists may not get services and products with their own currency in Ethiopia.

Tip Two: About Dressing Code of Tourists in Ethiopia

Many local Ethiopian like the people or tourists who wear like them. So, it is advised to wear suitable for travel and culturally acceptable dresses. Moreover, tourists can research culture of the area where they want to go since Ethiopia has diverse culture.

Tip Three: About Tourism Facilities in Ethiopia

Internet–According to Ethiotelecom annual report, the coverage of the internet is 50%. So, tourists may not access broadband or high-speed internet in some tourist locations. Alternatively, tourists can use mobile data to use the internet and call. Mobile SIM card is available in Ethiopian airport and gates of Hotel.

Transportation: many tourists prefer tour guides to arrange everything ahead. But sometimes, tourists come to Ethiopia without booking an operational tour guide in Ethiopia and then want to arrive in Addis Ababa alone. In such conditions, tourists can access taxi services in Infront of Ethiopian Airport. But tourists or guests who want to travel within Addis Ababa can use a meter taxi. Such taxis request service payment according to travel distances.

Tip Four: About cultural and religious Backgrounds

Tourists MUST take care of Ethiopian culture and religious practices since Ethiopians give much emphasis to their culture and religion. Similar to the dressing code, Ethiopians have various religions and cultures throughout the country. So, tourist should research about the culture and religion of where they want to go.  

Tip Five: About the Emergency Scenarios

Tourists may face challenges, which may lead them into emergency conditions. So what can tourists do? Tourists should purchase medical insurance before their travel and be familiar with policies and contacts. Some Insurance Companies may reimburse the expense later based on their policy. In such a situation, tourists may incur further expenses during emergency scenarios. Moreover, it is also recommended to get vaccinations for yellow fever, meningococcal meningitis, tetanus, cholera, diphtheria, measles, hepatitis A and B.

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