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Safety and Security of Tourists in Ethiopia

Tourism Safety and security play a vital role in the tourism sector. But many Countries and tourists pay less attention to it because of the high cost of travel. On the other hand, the success or failure of tourism highly depends on the safety and security of tourists because tourists prefer to ensure the safety and security of the tourism destinations and overall country situation. But many Africa countries face a challenge to ensure the safety and security of tourism because of intra-conflict and inter-conflicts, political and economic instabilities, lack of Tourism Security Policies, and poor infrastructures like health and transport services. For instance, Rwanda experienced the biggest decline from the tourism rank level due mainly to worsening health conditions.

According to the report of World Economic Forum, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania are the three Eastern Africa tourist destinations but Kenya, and Tanzania dominated by Ethiopia thought Ethiopia has a notably underdeveloped travel and tour infrastructure. The report shows that Ethiopia was 80th out of 141 Africa Countries in overall global rank when compared based on safety and security of tourists.

Another way of Safety and Security in Ethiopia

Nevertheless, the most important concern is the current and future safety and security situation of Ethiopia. The Safety and Security of Tourism depend on the focuses of the government and its policies to promote tourism services. Though Ethiopia has natural, cultural, and historical tourist attractions and ancient heritages, the economic contributions of the tourism sector of Ethiopia were low until now since the government attention was less for the sector development. But now, the tourism sector of Ethiopia is reviving because of the government’s attention and direct involvement to benefit economically from the sector.

In the last two years, government has launched new tourist attractions and some of these projects are inaugurated and opened to tourists. Do you want to learn more about tourism destinations of Ethiopia? Visit our tourism blog page to know more about newly launched tourism attractions. Moreover, Ethiopia developed Tourism safety and Security strategy to ensure wellbeing of the tourisms. It is also expected that tourism sector of Ethiopia may bloom in the next five to ten years.

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Travel Precautions in Ethiopia

Tourists travel around the world because of business or recreational purposes. However, tourists MUST have reliable information about the precautions of the tourism destination. The following checklists help tourists to precautionary when visitors come to Ethiopia from abroad for the first time. Six tourist travel precautions in Ethiopia are:

Tourist Emergency Contacts in Ethiopia

What are the most important numbers in the case of an emergency? Whom do you contact in case of emergency in Ethiopia? The emergency numbers help tourists when they need to contact police, fire department, ambulances, Embassies, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Other Useful Contact Numbers

If you plan to visit Ethiopia, the following contact numbers help tourists’ travel precautions.

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs’:
  • The Ministry of Culture and Tourism
  • Prime Minister
  • Addis Ababa Municipality +25111 1115348
  • Black Lion Hospital

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