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Travel Restrictions and Important Precautions for the Pandemic

travel restrictions

Every country has its own travel restriction for international passengers. Travel restrictions and requirements vary from county to country to control the spread out of Covid-19. It is difficult to learn all the requirements and restrictions of each country. However, passengers can learn about travel restrictions and important precautions for the pandemic of coronavirus. So, international travelers easily find restrictions and requirements of the destination country.

The World Tourism Organization (WTO) advises international travelers to check three important conditions for precaution and safety. So, all passengers can get travel restrictions and heal related requirements by country and their state. The World Tourism Organization identified these restrictions and requirements as travel tracking indicators. Hence, what are these travel tracking indicators? 

Travel Tracking Indicators help passengers to take important precautions and learn about international travel restriction including visiting destinations. WTO also developed online tools to check the latest information of all the countries of the world.

Travel Tracking Indicator 1: Health Status Indicator

Health indicator helps passenger to check about specific country or destination on

  • 14 days notification rate per 100,000 population about Covid-19
  •  The test rate for positive cases
  •  Vaccinated people per 100

So, what kinds of questions travelers must ask to know about the health status of the destination country? The following statements help travelers to know about the health status of the destination.

  • The daily number of confirmed cases
  •   Total number of confirmed cases
  •   The status of confirmed cases on a weekly basis. Is increasing or falling?
  •  Global cases around the world. Is increasing or falling?

It is so easy! Our World in Data website provides a detailed answer to the above statements of the passengers. So, screen out the travel restrictions by country according to your destination and compare with your home country. Click here to see the health status of your destination country.

Travel Tracking Indicator 2: Air Travel Restrictions and Requirements

Similarly, air travel restrictions and requirements differ from country to country. So, international passengers must learn more about the current restrictions of the destination country. Passengers can learn about current air travel regulation by asking questions about:

  • Flight status
  • Entry restrictions
  • Quarantine policy
  • Restriction level
  • COVID-19 test and its requirements

For instance, if you want to travel to Ethiopian, you must learn its travel and regulations. So, the passengers must have a medical certificate with a negative coronavirus (RT-PCR)  test result. The test must have been less than 5 days before arrival of Ethiopia airport. However, these air travel restrictions apply to all travelers except young travelers less than 10 years old. Moreover, the diplomatic passengers and their immediate family are exempted from air travel restrictions in Ethiopia. Similarly, Ethiopian Airlines travel restriction does not apply to travelers with service passports and their immediate family. Passengers who have a Laissez-Passer Issued by AU and UN and their immediate family are also exempted from travel restrictions in Ethiopia.

So, I advise travelers to check the travel restriction of the destination country from IATA Destination Tracker. Also, passengers can learn more about the specific indicator of the destination country using a map view.

Travel Tracking Indicator 3: Travel Destination Specific Restrictions

Many countries have policies different from air travel and international health restrictions and regulations to control the spreading of the pandemic. So, when the passengers arrive at a destination country, the country may have own specific regulations and policy on:

  • Tourist Attractions and destinations
  • Events and Occasions
  • Using Accommodation and Facilities
  • Food and Beverage
  • Transit through the country
  • Public transport and City Taxi
  • Stay-at-home Restrictions
  • General health Protocol and Face Mask requirements

So, international travelers must check requirements and restriction policies of the specific destination before travel. IATA Destination Tracker helps to find reliable information about your destination. 

If our blog post helps you to learn more, leave your feedback. Still, if you want more detailed travel and tourism information, please let me know.