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What are new updates about Entoto park Addis Ababa in 2022?

We have already developed 10 fun things for Entoto parks. But now we’re back with the most updates about Entoto parks in 2022. The park offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. The majority of the Entoto park’s infrastructure is constructed using local resources and professional labor. As a consequence, many guests experience genuine and profound happiness, and they may benefit from stress relief, improved health, and stimulation. So, we will present some essential updates about entoto park.

about Entoto park

How can I enter Entoto natural Park?

There are five entrances to Entoto Park. Which entrance is the most convenient, and why? Before choosing on the entoto park entry sites, read descriptions of each entrance.

  1. VIP Entrance – This gate is only available to VIP visitors to Entoto Park. This gate is only available to higher-ranking government officials, diplomats, and other VIPs, as indicated by Entoto Park administration.
  2. Sululta Entrance is located on Sululta Road. Visitors should use the Piazza – Addisu Gebia – Dilber route to reach the Entoto Customs area. Then turn right and proceed about 2 kilometers to the Sululita Entrance on the right side. You will walk around 1 kilometer after you enter the park. If you come by car, it is impossible to return to the Sululta entrance since it is too far away and uphill. Sululta gate provides easier access to Kalis Coffee and Bilo’s Pastry than any other entrance.
  3. Addisu Gebiya Entrance is the shortest entrance in Entoto Park when compared to the other gates. This gate is close to Kategna and Mama’s Kitchen. Entoto Park’s Kuriftu Entertainment centers are conveniently located near the Addiu Gebya entrance.
  4. May Ber Entrance – Green Gold Coffee and Fresh Corner are just a short walk from the May Ber Entrance. This gate also has the May Telescope View. However, to go to other entertainment places and eateries, you must walk a significant distance. 
  5. Shiro Meda Entrance – Entoto Park’s Shiro Meda Entrance is the park’s final entrance. You will have two options after passing through this gate: May Entrance or Addisu Gebya Entrance. A long walk route leads to this entryway.

What does entoto natural park have?

Entoto Park offers a variety of recreational options for families, friends, fiancés, children, and visitors. Entoro Park features sports facilities, libraries, entertainment, restaurants, and coffee shops, as well as a man-made lake and fountains, walking paths, and bike, scooter, and cart routes. Entoto Park also features a big Outdoor Amphitheatre that will host concerts, theatrical performances, and live music.

Trampoline entoto park
Trampoline Entoto Park

How much does entoto natural park cost to visit?

Entoto Park is free to enter, although the government may charge an admission fee in the future. As a result, tourists should constantly obtain up-to-date information before visiting Entoto Park. When visiting Entoto Park, however, you must be aware of the necessary charges, which include transportation and entertainment. Though Entoto Park is free to enter, there are fees for lodging and entertainment services.

Entoto Park features a wide variety of well-known restaurants and cafeterias that provide similar services at Addis Ababa pricing. What is your budget for these restaurants and cafeterias? Lunch, soft drinks, snacks, hot beverages, ice creams, and other stuff are available. As a result, the price is determined by how much you use the service.

Kuriftu Resort has seven playing and entertaining game activities in Entoto park. We collected the price of each activity as of January 1, 2022.

The Prices of playing Game and activities

What are updates about Entoto park regarding prices of adventure activities? Seven playing and entertaining Game of Entoto park:

  1. Trampoline

Trampoline is a well-known leisure activity that is a component of gymnastics. It is also utilized for bodily fitness and to entertain children in order to rejuvenate their minds. However, the sport is dangerous for small children, who are more prone to be injured when jumping. So, if you’re interested, you’ll pay 150 ETB for 30 minutes of gameplay.

  1. Wall Climbing

A climbing wall is an artificially constructed wall with boards for hand and foot climbing that is commonly used for indoor climbing but may also be found outdoors. Climbing strengthens your biceps, shoulders, neck, traps, upper back, lats, lower back, abs, glutes, thighs, and calves, as well as your wrists and forearms. Climbing rocks strengthens your entire body, especially your cardiovascular system. As a result, scaling a 12-meter-high wall will cost you 200 ETB.

  1. Paintball

Paintball is a game in which you blast a ball of paint at a target or battle if you are playing in a group. To purchase 25 paintballs, you will need to spend 200 ETB. Individual paintball games are popular among children who like shooting a paintball at a target. Youths and adults, on the other hand, prefer to play in groups and battle each other.

updates about entoto park
Paintball Game of Entoto Park
  1. Archery

It is part of the game to shoot arrows using a bow. Entoto Park’s Kuriftu resorts have archery. It costs 100 ETB to shoot ten arrows.

Archery sport Entoto Park
Archery Entoto Park
5. Go Kart, and Pedal Cart

Kuriftu offers pedal and engine karts that may be driven alone or in groups. There is a parking lot, and it costs between 150 and 300 ETB.

Go Kart, and Pedal Cart
Go Kart, and Pedal Cart
  1. Zipline 

Kuriftu Zipline Adventure is one of Entoto Park’s popular attractions, costing around 500 ETB for one loop.

  1. Playground

Children can play for an unrestricted amount of time for 50 ETB.

entoto playground
Kids’ Playground Entoto Park

Entoto park is such a wide area to visit so it may take about a day to visit all activities of the park. So, my recommendation is first to enter  by May Ber Entrance and go to Sululta Gate and back to Addisu Gebiya Entrance. Moreover, read other updates about Entoto park from our blogsite.