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Why do international Travelers prefer to travel to Ethiopia?

5 reasons of people to travel to Ethiopia
travel to Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the most known for its rich history, colorful and diverse culture, and deeply entrenched ritual ceremonies. Moreover, the ancient religious background, the wildlife endemic, the natural landscape, and comfortable weather condition of Ethiopia attract the international community to travel to Ethiopia. According to the Ethiopian Ministry of Tourism and Culture on 2016/17, over 8 hundred of visitors travel to Ethiopia annually. But according to Ethiopian Airlines, over 2 million of eVisa was authorized annually to people who want to travel to Ethiopia.

Hence, why do people want to travel to Ethiopia? Five reasons of people to travel to Ethiopia are:

1. Ethiopia is the land of origin

Why does Ethiopia call the land of origin? Ethiopia is the origin of the earliest human ancestors, the birth country of coffee beans, and the Nile River – the longest river in the world. Ethiopia has millions of back histories. For example, the fossil of humans has about 3.2 million years old.

2. Nine UNESCO World Heritage Site

Nine UNESCO World Heritage Site found in Ethiopia. UNESCO registered nine Ethiopian tourist attractions as the world heritage. So these heritages and other tourist attractions are the major reasons for the coming of people to visit Ethiopia.

3. Rich Resource of Ethiopia

Ethiopia has over 45 languages, 85 diverse cultures, colorful festivals, delicious Ethiopian food, 13 months of sunshine, a unique Calendar, and its own alphabets. Many scholars prefer Ethiopia for academic studies and research because of its ancient history and rich resources.

4. Ethiopia is the capital city of African Countries

Ethiopia is the city for the delegates of African Countries. So many representative organizations and institutions of UN, UA, and African delegates found in Ethiopia. So diplomats and government officials want to visit Ethiopia for business purposes.

5. Destinations of Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines has many destinations in Africa countries. Specifically, Ethiopian Airlines is the largest airline that serves 38 African with 56 destinations, 14 European countries with 17 destinations, 19 Asian countries, and 13 middle east countries. So many international communities want to travel by Ethiopian airline transit. In addition, Ethiopian airlines is the choice of many international travelers because of its cost and services.

To sum up, the international community wants to travel to Ethiopia for either tourism or business purpose. such mentioned five major reasons attract people to visit Ethiopia.

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